Reviews of DaVinci Machines Exhibition

Great exhibit! I loved that some of the machines were interactive…which is really exciting if you have kids! I also loved that they featured photos of the Sistine Chapel before the restoration. Beautiful!

Lizette June 30, 2018

Learned a lot in a small amount of time Enjoyed the hands on machines Liked the videos available also

dorotka t. June 1. 2018

Absolutely amazing exhibit!  Educational, entertaining, and fun :)! Strongly recommend for the whole family.

Stephanie V. June 16, 2018

Dear DaVinci Exhibit,
I am sorry I forgot to email so late but I really wanted to thank you personally for hosting my group of students from U City High the other week. It was a great real life learning experience for those kids and it was great to expose them to the work of Da Vinci. I appreciated you setting up our morning with the video, tour, and machines. I learned a great deal from your knowledge on Da Vinci that I can apply in the future for  my classes. Thank you again and take care.
Matt Horn

Dear Davinci Exhibit,

I just wanted to tell you how much our school enjoyed our visit yesterday. The students learned so
much. The Docent was informative, enthusiastic and super. We really enjoyed his presentation. We
also appreciated the kindness of everyone at exhibit. It was a trip I am sure our students will always

Thanks to all of you,


St. Mary- St. Augustine School –  Belleville, Il


This is an awesome exhibit! – Jo Ann Faust Kargus

yesterday we took the 5 kids (ages 12, 12, 10, 7 & 5) and stayed for 1 1/2 hrs! so much to see and learn

and touch! and btw, thanks for the family discount :-) )

‎”DaVinci Machines Exhibit better than the Monet Exhibit” (at the St. Louis Art Museum)

Julie V.’s


It grabbed me, and didn’t let go for a couple hours. I saw scale model machines for work, war, and
flight, all envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci long before the industrial revolution. Many of the exhibits are working machines, and some are interactive. The experience was less like an art museum and more like a science center, but on a smaller, more manageable scale. Awesome.

John H

Edwardsville, IL

Dear DaVinci Machines Exhibition,

It was a fabulous, fabulous day. Thank you so much for your exceptional exhibit. It is rare that I can take
my students, who range in grade level from first through fifth, to a field trip and all are intrigued and
interested throughout the visit. This was such an experience! The students learned so much and were
able to share what they took away with their peers for days afterward. I have already recommended it
to two of my friends and will be shouting your praises to more people. Thanks so much for all you did to
make the event a success!

DF – MOSAICS Gifted Specialist

Ross Elementary School

A “Missouri State School of Character”

Creve Coeur, MO 63146

Dear Davinci Machines Exhibition,

Thank you so much for a wonderful time. The video was fantastic. Our tour guide was beyond anything
I’ve ever experiences in 20 years as a teacher and more bad field trip than I care to mention. Your
museum was worth every penny and ounce of time spent exploring.

LL – Gifted and Talented Education Teacher

Flynn Park School – Univeristy City School District

University City, MO

What an AMAZING Exhibit…..parents, teachers…. ppl that are visiting St Louis RUN don’t walk to see
this, don’t try to get thru it in an hr or so…..give yourself at least 2 1/2 hrs to take it all in. I live in Co. and
wishing it would come to the Denver area! So glad we went to St Louis to see it.


Denver, Colorado

Just found out that the DiVinci Exhibit is going to come to the Denver Colorado area. Now this is just as exciting as the Broncos’ win against the Steelers. One amazing exhibit and one amazing team!

Dear Davinci Exhibit

Thank you for helping us have an awesome event at your exhibit. Every single student who went had
nothing but rave reviews of the exhibit, food, and music. You really knocked it out of the park!

Thank you again,


University of Missouri – St. Louis

Night and Weekend Programming GA

Student Life Office

What a terrifically fun and engaging exhibit. It was an interesting and out of the ordinary date night for
me and my fiancé. We had a wonderful time exploring and learning. :) – Chantel Baldwin

We could not have asked for a better exhibit for the rare field trip. Every aspect of the experience was
tied to curriculum and supports everything we try to teach our students. Mark was a fabulous tour
guide. Patient, knowledgeable and most of all obviously excited about Da Vinci which he instilled in
many of my students. Thank you for a wonderful day. – Laurie Hinde

Dear DaVinci Machines Exhibition.

Thank you so much for having us. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed it! I have definitely
been recommending that my colleagues, friends, and family go see the exhibit. Thank you so much, and
I look forward to visiting the robot exhibit that is coming soon!

CH 8th Grade Science Middle School Teacher

Dear Davinci Machines Exhibition,

Our school group thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit and we are already thinking of ways to incorporate
and continue the experience in language arts and science. The students were engaged throughout the
visit and I will definitely recommend this event to other teachers. I plan on bringing my teenage son
to visit as he is interested in pursuing art and architecture. I learned quite a bit myself and found all
of the exhibits fascinating and thought provoking. Thank you for an interesting, educational, and fun


JP Teacher

Wonderful exhibit. We enjoyed it so much, and the staff was not only helpful, but very enthusiastic
about DaVinci. I HIGHLY recommend this! – Nicole Schneider-Wool