“Light it up”

The musical

The Brand New


Rock n Roll


From the producers of

“The DaVinci 



10 Years Touring Production 

Running 9 Months Off-Broadway with

100+ NYC Performances at

St. Luke’s Theatre and the SoHo Playhouse 


Ahead of his time

This new original musical theatre performance, Tesla “Light It Up”, delves into the humanity and genius of the electrical DaVinci of the late 19th and 20th century. A compelling and exciting performance with 12 new original rock n roll songs that is guaranteed to enlighten, empower, and entertain audiences across the world.

the Tesla musical

Original Score

song titles

Light It Up – Main Theme

The Bigger the Better

Hiding Inside My Mind

A Walk Through Central Park

Who Could Have Ever Imagined?

Money and Imagination

The Original Wizard of Oz 

The Love of My Life

Haven’t Even Started Yet

Standing On My Grave

Famous Last Words

Please donwload and enjoy the lead sheet for the original song “The Original Wizard of Oz”.

This song closes the first half of “Telsa: Light It Up” The Musical – Cast Recording soon to be released.

Original Wizard of Oz G Flat

produced by

DaVinci Michelangelo Theatrical Productions

Written by – Mark & John Rodgers

Directed by – Bill Stine 

Original Score by – Mark Rodgers & Fran Ellison

Lighting Design – Maarten Cornelis

Board Technician – Matthew Palmer

Coming soon